Serving a Global Market!
LaszloChem is a division of Laszlo Corporation, we are entering our 15th year of international operations; we focus on import and export of chemical products.  We specialize in force majuer and allocated products that are in short supply.  United States producers announce allocated situations for a number of reasons and their customers suffer with a percentage of prior year volumes allocated to them. When the customers appeal for more product, they are told, " find additional product where ever you can, we cannot help you." 

LaszloChem locates the percentage of product needed for companies in need and we negotiate the best price which gives our new customers a wonderful advantage of regaining their supply volume with an added bonus of a cost savings making them more competitive.  LaszloChem does this to show we care about our customers and if we do a good job for those companies in need, they will remember us and assign a percentage of imports into their purchasing strategies which will give their company an option in the future. They will have an opportunity to join the global chemical marketing world which is a network of producers around the world and are supported by elite sea carriers that have the capabilities to deliver bulk and container products to our customer’s plants or any port in the United States.

Many chemicals have been discontinued in the United States and can only be ordered from overseas producers; we secure those opportunities as well.

               MISSION STATEMENT
"Our world as we know it, is changing.  We are entering a Global Market that is based on quality and customer service.  All can benefit in the Global Market and it is our mission to support our customers and bring them the products needed for their success at a reasonable price." Performance and Service is our business!

From overseas port to your dock.
Contracting with the BEST Sea Carriers.
LaszloChem can secure 20 ft, 40 ft, containers, or bulk ISO-Tanks.  The containers are loaded with drums, between 70 and 80 drums depending on the product ordered, or totes.  The weight of the product determines the drum or tote  count for the container movement.  We can also load dry chemical products loaded in 25 Kg bags which are palletized, or 1/MT, 2204.62 LBS, super sacks on pallets.
We insure all shipments to delivery point and all customer specifications are met prior to shipping.  We use Saybolt and SGS independent inspection companies to confirm quality on each order.
We believe in small business networking, because we think of our customers and value there business.  The latest economic down turn in our industry began with and was fueled by big business.  Many small businesses could not weather the economic storm and closed thier businesses.  We are bringing Global economics to those in need, to supply needed raw materials and new options to maintain a competitive market position.  We are here to help...
Customer's product loaded to their specifications and inspected prior to shipment.

LaszloChem also works with domestic reclaimers, check out our reclaim products under the Products Tab.  If you use reclaimed products, allow us to quote those products as well.
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