​ Laszlo Corporation is a VOSB, Duns# 078957904, Cage Code 50U12 and registered with Sam.gov. We specialize in state of the art technology. I am introducing the Komodo Fire Solutions.  There are three videos, to the left, that show the performance of the Komodo Dragon Fire Solutions for your review and the link above shows a series of videos.

  The Komdo Fire Solutions formulations are green products that comes in dry and liquid form. Just add water, 1 to 1 ratio, to dry form and you are ready to apply by spraying or rolling to any substrate.  They are Environmentally Benign, the first fire prevention product that can be applied in advance of a fire to protect assets.

These videos highlight it's performance and capabilities along with a testimonial video. I strongly believe the benefits of this product will save; Habitats, property and lives and can be used in areas that could be considered vital infrastructures, (Forests, Parks, fuel depots, Utilities, cell towers, power grid/switching stations, schools, hospitals, and homes). 

  This is a green product that is safe on vegetation, trees and can be mixed with water, paint,or coatings, for protection of homes, communities, businesses, forests, grasslands, and populated areas. You would benefit through establishing perimeter barriers that help stop advancing fires and as a result, reduce losses. A fire defense system that protects and stops the fire advancement.

We have the ability to provide samples for testing should any organization wish to see for themselves the capabilities of our products. 

Forest Fires occur every year, stopping them is the key and the Komodo K-100 is a Fire Defense System needed on a global scale. 

New Techology that saves Habitats, Lives and property!
                 KOMODO FIRE SOLUTIONS

​Call or email us today for more information:  636-447-1312 Office                                 or [email protected]

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Komodo Fire Solutions (DIY Starter Kit)Kit link, http://komodo-fire-shield.com/diy-starter-kit/#horizontalTab1
Komodo Fire Solutions (KFS-100 Komodo Perimeter Shield - 5 lbs), http://komodo-fire-shield.com/kfs-100-komodo-perimeter-shield-5-lbs/
Home & Residential Use....     ORDER your emergency kit today at Walmart.com, 
Komodo Fire Solutions (KFS-100 Komodo Perimeter Shield - 50 lbs  http://komodo-fire-shield.com/kfs-100-komodo-perimeter-shield-50-lbs/
Komodo Fire Solutions (KFS-300 Wood Shield) http://komodo-fire-shield.com/kfs-300-wood-shield/
For Commercial properties:  Google map is used to assess the size of the commercial property and a quote is drafted and reported to the customer. This should be done in an expeditious manner due to evacuation notices that restrict entrance to areas posted.
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